Terms and Conditions

  • Unlimited on-net calls is subject to fair usage policy.
  • 10GB data is limited
  • Validity 30 days. The package can be renewed for BD 8 incl. VAT. Please use short code *777#
  • Bahrain Telecommunication Company has the right to withdraw this package at at any time.


Scratch and Win terms & Conditions:

1. This Scratch & Win promotion expires on 31 December 2020 and all Scratch &Win coupon must be redeemed by Winning Customers before that date.

2. Bahrain Telecommunication Company BSC(“BTC”) is not responsible or liable for any Scratch & Win coupons that become lost or damaged or that are not redeemed prior to 31 December2020.

3. BTC shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or injury of any kind whatsoever as may be suffered by any Winning Customer or other person in respect of any Digital Prize or Physical Prize, including any loss or injury as may result from the manner in which any such Prize is used by any person.

4. Each Winning Customer shall be solely responsible for taking all compliance actions as may be required in respect of any Physical Prize that he or she may win including, but not limited to, having to register, insure, and be licensed to drive any Physical Prize that is a motorized vehicle.

5. Digital Prizes shall become readily available for Winning Customers upon being won while all Physical Prizes must be collected in person by Winning Customers at the below location:

Lucky Retail Shop 109
1stFloor Bahrain Commercial Center Building

6. Physical Prizes will not be delivered to any person at any other address other than the above, under any circumstances.

7. Each Winning Customer must present the original Scratch & Win coupon and at least one valid photo ID when collecting his or her Physical Prize (including current passport, drivers license or CPR card

8. In all cases, the Winning Customer is solely responsible for the collection of any Physical Prize and BTC bears no responsibility or liability for failure by any Winning Customer to collect, or to arrange for collection of, his or her Physical Prize.